about this event

 • Find your Inner Honey is a 2hour, multimedia workshop that helps women grow their innate capacity to source their own wellbeing at work and beyond. A work-book is included with the workshop to facilitate functional carry over of learned skills and information.
• Practical mechanisms include but are not limited to somatic practice, mindfulness skills, and movement-based therapies.
• Referenced research includes works from Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, SE practitioner Kathy Kain, Dr. Anne Baldwin, and SE practitioner Irene Lyon.
• These practical tools help participants to unlearn the conscious and subconscious habits that have kept individuals entirely dependent upon environmental factors to be joyful and productive at work.
• Through group activities, open discussion and written exercise, participants can expect to experience themselves in a new light and use new tools to maximize wellbeing and joy in the workplace.