Feng Shui Haus Magik …Bring the Magic of Feng Shui into your Home

about this event

 “Your home is a portal for magic, healing, and growth. Let your home reflect the soul of your vision for your life.” -Nixie Marie

Create a home that is filled with magical incantations through the ancient science Feng Shui.

Learn how you can design a sacred space by using the 5 elements of fire, water, earth, metal and wood to bring harmony into your home.

Discover how you can cast spells through the décor of your home to manipulate the energy in your space.   

You will also learn about the key roles of color in your home and how they can enhance your spells and rituals.

Feng Shui Practitioner and Eco-Entrepreneur, Nixie Marie, is our host for this timely spring workshop.

Of course, Feng Shui goes way beyond a little spring cleaning and decluttering and can bring about transformative improvements to your life.

When you declutter your home, you can also throw out toxic relationships.

Feng Shui is truly Magik and can also bring love into your life. And harmony. And prosperity!  

Good Feng Shui is about living in harmony with nature, your environment, your mind and soul.

We are all searching for something beyond functional spaces. We want our homes to support us. 

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It’s time to bring the magic of Feng Shui into your life ✨

In this workshop, you will…

+ Cast spells using specific decor that aligns with what you want, in your home

+ Learn which elements best support your rituals and intentions

+ Understand the Feng Shui rules to bring harmony and balance into your home and life! 

Our Guide 🥰

Nixie Marie is a Podcast Host, Activist, Feng Shui practitioner, and Co-Founder of CLARYTI a Zero Waste Eco-Friendly cleaning product line. 

She supports her clients to create sacred spaces and homes that heal. After spending nearly half a decade building a successful green cleaning company, Nixie understands how our homes can be a place that supports our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. 

Using her intuitive nature and classical Feng Shui, Nixie can determine how to harmonize the energies of a home for an individual to reclaim their sovereignty and thrive in all areas of their life.

Love for Nixie⚡️

“Upon moving into a new headquarters for our start-up Yoga Wake Up, we hired Nixie Marie for Feng Shui consulting with the goal of both creating a zen and balanced workspace and calling in abundance and fortune. 

Oh, how Nixie delivered! 

She offered meticulous attention to detail and professionalism around her very special craft, recommending affordable swaps and working confidently within our limitations. 

We immediately felt the shift in energy once her work was done and are confident that we can credit growth in our business to her Feng Shui contribution. We couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you for treating our space like your own and for delivering us (and our business) into a place of harmony and abundance!” — Lizzie Brown- CEO of Yoga Wake Up

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