Feng Shui for Fertility

about this event

Kyle Freeman.

Kyle Freeman is an international Yoga instructor, Feng Shui consultant, and Intuitive counselor based in New York City. She has over fifteen years of experience refining her intuitive skills and developing an in-depth understanding of both the built environment and the individual’s physical and psychological relationship to their body and their environment. Her formal education is in architecture and she has trained in multiple lineages of Feng Shui in NYC, China, and London.

Workshop Details.

Feng Shui refers to the Chinese philosophical study of our relationship to our environment both man-made and natural. We are all, consciously or not, influenced by the environments we spend time in and by deepening our relationship to them we can make changes that expand and shift our internal landscape. Our homes become a tool to consciously create in our lives. (Read more Here)

In this workshop we will dive into basic principles of Feng Shui. We will explore what it means to create a home environment that supports fertility. Your bedroom and different areas in your home are directly correlated with your relationship, health and creative power. What changes can you make to enhance these areas? We will look at your floor plans, furniture placement, qi flow, and how to apply the Bagua method so that you leave the workshop with actionable steps to work with your home.

“To live in a sacred space is to live in a symbolic environment where spiritual life is possible, where everything around you speaks of the exaltation of the spirit. This is a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be. This is the place of creative incubation.” – Joseph Campbell

**All participants will be asked (not required!) to sketch a floor plan of their home to bring to the workshop. I will use these as working examples as I teach so that you receive personalized instruction.