Fashion Awakening with Nat Kelley & Johanna Moonan

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The Digital Redirect is Conscious City Guide’s answer to the current state of the world. The DR. series shares wisdom from conscious experience creators who have had to cancel or postpone upcoming events.

Fashion Awakening 101 with Nat Kelley and Johanna Moonan of OpenClosit

Join actress and environmentalist Nat Kelley and Johanna Moonan of OpenClosit for a candid discussion of the realities of the fashion industry and how fashion lovers can have a more harmonious relationship with the planet – without sacrificing style!

In this interactive tour of Nat’s closet you will learn the backstory behind the textiles we wear, whats in them and who made them. Find tips on how to build a capsule closet, extending the life cycle of garments and loving what you already have through creative clothing combinations. Learn how to do a conscious overhaul of your closet and the right way to pass on unwanted clothes.

We will also discuss how to navigate your love of fashion in the future, including tips on how to shop vintage, renting clothes via sites like OpenClosit, or creating “timeshare closets” with friends.

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