Fascia Flossing + Acupressure Points with Bonnie Crotzer

about this event

Please join Bonnie Crotzer of Ghost Flower this Tuesday, April 28th at 6pm EST through Zoom for a lesson in fascia flossing [stretching] to loosen up all the tension and learn some key acupressure points you can incorporate into your daily routine for destressing.

Bonnie Crotzer Bio

Bonnie co-founded Ghost Flower because of her enthusiasm for Chinese Medicine and in hopes that she can empower people to support their own health. Her whole life has been devoted to all kinds of movement and led to a professional dancing career in California and now New York. She studied at the University of California and also under Bob Cooley, who taught her how to manipulate fascia and scar tissue. She received her yoga teacher training over ten years ago at White Lotus Foundation. She is autodidactic and nerdy when it comes to fascia and TCM and is still performing while running her start up.

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