Fall In Love With You™

about this event

A FREE live masterclass in which I reveal my transformational 5D Method™ to getting out of your own way of success, becoming the person you would love to be and creating the life & business of your dreams


• Waking up feeling joyful and grateful for the day ahead

• Being at peace and proud of who you are

• Believing in your capabilities and assured of your success

• Attracting plenty of soul-mate clients with confidence

• Living a life and running a business on YOUR terms

• Making a valuable difference to others and being rewarded for it

• Following your passions in the way you want, not how you think you need to 

• Achieving things you thought were impossible, unlikely or ‘too hard’

• Enjoying a sense of freedom and security from deep within 

• Going with the flow of life and trusting all that happens

In this masterclass I will teach you the secret to how you can enjoy all of the above without having to spend years of struggle trying to get there.

Who’s it hosted by?

Hi, I’m Aimee, …a highly sought-after success coach, speaker, author & champion for love. I’m also a digital nomad, travelling the world, living the life of my dreams.  

But things weren’t always this way, in fact, I spent over 20 years on a hamster wheel desperately chasing success but never seeming to get any closer. All because I was held back by severing limiting beliefs and fear that I didn’t even know I had. That was, until I realised I was getting in my own way of everything I was striving for… 

So I learnt how to transform my limiting beliefs, transcend my fear and truly love myself for who I was, and sure enough, as if by magic, all of my dreams started coming true. That’s how the 5D Method™ was born, and when I started using it with my clients, their lives began to transform as well. 

That’s why it’s my mission in life to enable purpose-driven business owners, artists and change-makers to get out of their own way of success like I did – because I know that all it requires is less fear, and more love.