Ethics from Advaita Vedānta (viveka, vairagya, śama…)

about this event

I’ll introduce the ethical skills and requirements that support the sādhaka or aspirant on the path of self-realization. 

This was inspired by a request to speak on the balance of śraddhā (faith) & viveka (discernment). 

I’ll intro Sādhana Chatuṣṭaya: Viveka, Vairāgya, Ṣat-Sampat, Mumukṣutva.  

In essence this four-fold system delineates and elaborates on: discernment, dispassion, temperance, focus, faith, and the intense desire to liberate.

This is wonderful for any aspirant on a path of self-realization; whether you ascribe to vedāntic world-view or not. Vedānta is one of the 6 darśans or philosophies or cosmologies available to us through the Vedic world view (where Saṃkhya and Yoga come from).

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