Energy Healing Hour – FREE

about this event

Lead by Shara Ogin, Life Coach & Clairvoyant Energy Healer every Friday at Noon PST.

Each week we will have a particular theme dedicated to health & healing of the mind, body, & spirit.

Enjoy a guided meditation along with Individual channeled healings in each session.

NOW is the time to end recurrent patterns in your life that aren’t serving you, and step into the life you truly want.

When people come together and focus on a singular thought-form, it strengthens the field, spreading a higher frequency out into the planet. That’s the power of live healings.

However, if you are unable to make it at this time, the URL link you will receive is the same one for the replay. Listen to it at your convenience and receive a healing then.

To register and to view the schedule of upcoming events, register HERE:


Please enjoy the healings from the past few week’s groups:

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