about this event

A LIVE guided daily ritual to start the new year in your highest vibration.

Every morning during this 5-day group challenge, you’ll experience a rebalancing and resetting of each of the eight layers of your physical and energetic body during a 30-45 minute meditative energy healing session.

Each session will have a unique focus, where you’ll be effortlessly guided through cutting cords, removing energetic toxins, strengthening your connection to source, releasing stagnation and raising your vibration. 

You’ll also be supported with a beautiful guide to your cleanse, including suggested schedule, rituals and affirmations for upgrading every level of your energetic body.

At the end of five days, you’ll feel:

  • Lighter
  • Calmer
  • More vibrant
  • Extremely intuitive 
  • Deeply present 
  • Highly magnetic 
  • A strong connection to your Highest Self

Group sessions will be held live via Zoom Monday-Friday, January 9-13 at 9 AM ET. Sessions will also be recorded if you prefer to experience the upgrade on your own time. 

About Graciela:

Graciela Rasor is a wellness entrepreneur, healer & intuitive. She’s passionate about activating energetic excellence in her clients and the world around her through tools like spirit work, the written word, Human Design, channeling, Integrative Energy Healing, Reiki and breathwork.