(ENDED) Sesiones: Kassia Meador

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Riding the wave of sonic evolution and personal transformation, Kassia offers a refreshing approach to the traditional medicine path with her background as a professional surfer and practice of Holographic Sound Healing with a CranioSacral and Polarity Therapy foundation.

Kassia asks that you frame an intention for the session or share a vision you’re holding for the future. She will offer her support in gaining clarity around that which you wish to transmute for your greatest good. Kassia will hold space while drawing upon tools of Frequency, Energy Medicine and Sonic support, inviting you to unwind, replenish, nourish and integrate all aspects of your energetic and physical being.

Kassia Meador, California born and bred has been a sound healing and energy medicine practitioner since 2012. Kassia trained in Holographic Sound with Dr. Paul Hubbert, Quantum Cranial BioSonics with Dr. John Beaulieu, and Craniosacral Unwinding and Polarity Therapy through IPSB@LEI. As a professional surfer for 17 years, Kassia’s work forms a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern times with immersive sound healing experiences worldwide, and transformational one-on-one energy sessions.