Encaustic Painting with Clarissa

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Spend a weekend making. Surrender to the creative process.

VAWAA’s are a chance to immerse in a craft and lose yourself to the creative flow at your own pace. You’ll work one on one with VAWAA master artist, Clarissa, with exclusive access to her studio.

Learn encaustic, an ancient method of painting with molten tinted wax and resin from Clarissa, creator of Lee Krasner paintings in the film, Pollock. Clarissa is a synesthete and an encaustic artist – a method of painting with molten tinted wax and resin. You may have seen Clarissa’s work before without even realizing it. She has been a scenic artist with over 40 credits in film and television. She’s an avid film lover, history buff, and lately, accordion student. If you visit her in October, chances are good you’ll wind up on some Halloween cemetery tours with her!

Available Dates
November 8 – 10
November 15 – 17
December 6 – 8
December 20 – 22

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We at VAWAA (Vacation With An Artist) facilitate 3 – 10 day mini apprenticeships for people of any skill level to immerse in the life of master artists around the world. With this intersection of art and travel, people are able to step away from the busyness of life and return to the best parts of being human: self expression, exploration, and connection.