Empowered Empath

about this event

As an empath, learn how to navigate your amplified abilities with ease and grace. In this workshop with Kat Fowler we’ll use meditation as a tool, as well as lecture to understand the way our energetic system works compared to others. We’ll also do group energy healing work to learn to create, set and maintain firm loving energetic boundaries which you can practice and take with you forever. You will learn how to empower yourself with your gift. Some of the techniques Kat will be sharing have been a game changer for her and so many of her clients. It’s important to understand the way your own personal energy field works so you can empower yourself when operating in the world! Wear comfortable clothing for sitting, and bring a journal with you, along with any crystals or oils you’d like to bring with you to infuse with your intentions for the new year. No previous meditation experience required. ALL EMPATHS WELCOME! 🙂