Emergence of Light: Honoring the Solstice & Sacred Cycles of Time

about this event

A weekend virtual event preparing for and observing the Cycles of the Sun through anthropological + astrological exploration, followed by a Cacao Ceremony through the wisdom of the Mayan Cosmovision.

Day 1: Material Share

An anthropological + astrological material share for the preparation of the Gregorian New Year. Our talk consists of an anthropological exploration of time, sacred solstices, and rituals found cross-culturally to initiate, bless, and cleanse. This is followed by an astrological component diving into the significance of the solstice and zodiac sign that correlates with the calendar new year, as well as a planetary perspective on our collective and individual cycles of timing. 

Day 2: Ceremony

Our material share will be followed by a Cacao Ceremony led by Samantha and Mariana. We will invoke and work with the Mayan Cosmovision of time for that day followed by a guided sound meditation and integration session. We will close with a group reflection and share.

This is an invitation to create and prepare your own ritual and find the sacred for this upcoming winter solstice and new year. 

Weave with us,

Samantha & Mariana

11% of proceeds will go to CECAP Amigos De Santa Cruz in Lake Atitlan, Guatemaya.