Embracing Your Inner Child to Unlock Your Full Potential

about this event

Learn How Your Inner Child Is Always Calling The Shots.

Do you feel lost, lonely, unsupported, unloved, unseen, or unheard? It may be your inner child trying to tell you something…

This event will take you on a life-transforming journey where you will understand the nature of your inner child. It will reveal the underlying issues of your own blocks which you are knowingly or unknowingly carrying.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Learn what the inner child is
  2. Learn to work with your inner child and provide what he/she needs in the moment
  3. Learn to address emotional wounds in a safe and sacred space to feel empowered
  4. Learn how to have conversations with your inner child on a daily basis
  5. Learn how to make and keep your inner child happy

Who Should Join:

Not everyone has been blessed with a happy childhood. If you have ever felt that you were not seen, loved, heard, wanted, appreciated, or acknowledged while growing up, you need to join this life-transforming session. 


If you still carry pain from childhood and your heart aches even as an adult, this session will help you understand how to ease out of the pain and start living life with ease and grace. 

What To Bring: 

Have paper and pen, colored pencils, and your favorite drink or snack. Set yourself up in a private, comfortable space where you will not be disturbed during the session.

About Your Instructor: 

Tanu Ojha Singh is a self-awareness and transformation coach who believes awareness is the first step toward healing. When insights come to your awareness, the healing begins there on the spot. Tanu was a journalist for almost a decade, but her soul calling led her to the path of expanding and exploring consciousness. Tanu is a certified spiritual life coach, certified mindful meditation coach, trained hypnotherapist, and Redikall healer. She helps people shed past baggage and unlearn all that is not serving them anymore, so they become happy and able to thrive in life.