Embodying your Fierce Feminine w/Embodiment, Neuroscience + Manifestation

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 Do you ever feel like you are holding back parts of yourself? Ever notice how it leaves you feeling disconnected and disempowered?

Most of us hide the most powerful pieces of ourselves in order to be “accepted by society.”

Which leaves you feeling lost and maybe even in a relationship and job that you know is not it.

Why would you deny yourself your deepest desires?

The things you want most out of life?

You don’t have to live this way, not now, not ever.

Stop denying your truth and start shining like the divine goddess you really are!

This workshop will help you understand the motivation behind your self-denial.

You can’t let old patterns hold you back anymore.

The world needs you lit up and living in your fullest expression.

It’s time to change the narrative.

It’s time to step up and embody your fierce feminine.

Stop hiding and sign up for the “Embodying your Fierce Feminine Workshop” today.

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After just 90 minutes, you will…

〰️Get clarity about what’s been keeping you frozen, so you can take action on your BIG juicy dreams.

〰️Access to the most powerful and potent pieces of yourself. Reclaim your power + shine like a diamond💫

〰️Discover a deep understanding of the role your body plays in creating of your dream life.

Love for Katie ♡

“Katie is like a wizard who helps you find things you didn’t know were there! I went to her ‘Mad Witch Bad Bitch’ workshop and left with so many AHA’s that I haven’t stopped taking action on my dreams!”

“Working with Katie was AMAZING! It was fast paced but fun and somehow that heavy emotional block I was carrying around for my whole is GONE! I am now free to move ahead towards what I want and it feels so goddamn good!”

Guest Expert ✦ Katie Kozlowski

A master energy and embodiment coach and the creator of the ShaktiBomb Method™️. She helps smart, spiritually driven, and highly motivated people create big breakthroughs so they can create more of what by connecting to their core beliefs, needs, and desires.

Her biggest passions include helping people break patterns, smash boxes, step into bigger possibilities and embrace their true nature. And she is wild about watching beautiful souls who are ready for a change come into their power.

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