Embody Your Highest Purpose With Sensual Flow

about this event

Malibu Beach House Day Retreat for Ambitious Women

Reserved for Only 15 Ladies

Hosted by SERYINITY: With Talia Serene, Cher Jolyne, Julia Grace,

Nadine Dalati, Chelsea Didier, Nadine Casanova, and Elle Eminense, Damiana

May 6th 2023

Did you know that embodying your highest purpose can actually be done with ease and grace? We’re so conditioned to believing that we have to race to get things done because we need to prove ourselves, compete with other women, and fight to avoid the thing we so deeply fear! But I’m telling you- this is not the truth. There is a way we can live the life of our wildest dreams and highest joy with flow, co-creation, and boundless love. You may be thinking: I don’t know this seems too woo woo, kumbaya, and so typical “ultra spiritual LA culture..” But trust me- through this guided journey, you’re going to experience your true power underneath the fear and the thoughts holding you back. Let’s rise together in sisterhood and manifest our deepest soul-aligned desires!

We’ll be exploring ecstatic dance, sensual embodiment practices, vocalizing, self-massage techniques, and ritual. Perhaps you’re wondering whether these practices are too simple to make that big of a difference. The truth is that the hardest part is actually doing them! When we have a supportive community of powerful women who are experts in their craft, they serve as a conduit for us to drop deeper into our evolution and sensual feminine flow.

And so we’ve curated this very special event with 6 impeccably powerful woman leaders, activists, and healers who are uniquely skilled with facilitating potent space to deeply transform and activate your feminine power to embody your highest purpose. This 6 hour retreat will ensure you will come out feeling fully in your powerful truth and give you all the fuel to rise in the world with devotional conviction and strength.

What makes this retreat extraordinary, is that it’s being led by women who are experts in their field, have been on a spiritual path, and who are fully capable of guiding you to embodying your highest purpose.

In order to ensure a positive outcome for every participant, we are strictly limiting enrollment to 15 women. If this feels like a full aligned YES for you, get your ticket! We have a few spots left. 

See you there!