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Experience a 5 Elements Inspired Contact Improv Workshop & Live Sound Ecstatic Dance every 1st & 3rd Wednesday each month!

Our collective group of Highly Experienced DJ’s and Facilitators are ready to take your movement practice to the next level. 

Be moved with Live HQ Sound, Indoors, on a Sprung Ballroom Dance Floor starting Dec 7th!


Masons Lodge Near Downtown Culver City. 

Culver City Foshay Lodge № 467, F.& A.M.

9635 Venice Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232


1st and 3rd Wed 

Starting Dec 7th with


6:30pm Doors Open

6:40pm Contact Guidelines / Workshop / Jam

7:50pm Opening Circle

8:00pm Ecstatic Dance 

9:45pm Meditation / Closing Circle




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Come FLOW with the ELEMENTS within yourself and within each of us at this intoxicant free, family friendly event starting Dec 7th with:

Contact Improv Facilitated by Jeffery Nash, Organizer of Contact Improv LA

A 30+ year Contact Improv practitioner, Jeffrey has collaborated, toured, and performed with the Carol Solomon Dance Company in the mid-90s. He explores and teaches the relationship between dance, movement and healing through the form known as “Contact Improv” and currently organizes the Santa Monica Contact Improv Jam. As a healing artist, Jeffrey has worked with dancers from The New York City Ballet and Alvin Ailey Dance Company as well as various other professional performing artists. As he continues his research, he teaches and works with clients across the US and Europe.

Live Ecstatic Dance Set by DJ Will Weber


What is Contact Improvisation?

Contact improvisation (or CI, or “contact”) has always been difficult to define, in part because it’s intentionally undefined, in part because it continues to evolve and change.

However, one definition might be that contact improvisation is a social dance that arises out of modern dance traditions. One of its central principles is a rolling point of contact between two (sometimes less, sometimes more) people through which both dancers give and share weight. It’s somewhere between tango, modern dance, aikido, wrestling, gymnastics, and none of the above, and usually takes place without music. People dance contact in any combination of genders, there are no “steps,” and it’s entirely improvised.

Contact improvisation is one of the most welcoming and friendly (typically) musicless dance forms that you can do. It’s for people of all body types, ages, backgrounds, and athletic ability. We at the Los Angeles jam pride ourselves on being friendly and open to newcomers – we love to see new people falling in love with contact improvisation, and we love beginners’ energy. The only rule is that each dancer is responsible for his/her own safety and comfort. For more information, visit http://www.contactquarterly.com/contact-improvisation/about/

 – Jeffery Nash, Founder of Contact Improv LA:

What to Wear?

Dress comfortably in clothing that allows a free range of movement. It’s probably better to have clothing without buckles, buttons, or large zippers, as they can be uncomfortable to roll over while dancing. It’s usually better to have clothing that covers the legs since you may be on your knees on occasion. Don’t worry about footwear; barefoot is generally the best option. (Although sometimes people have been known to dance in socks or dance shoes, socks can be slippery and dance shoes can accidentally squash toes, so you should be careful if you wear either.) I typically wear sweat pants, a T-shirt, and a long-sleeve T-shirt over that while warming up.

Avoid large dangly pieces of jewelry; they can get caught on or under something, which can be awkward and/or dangerous. If you need to tie your hair back, I recommend doing so with something soft — a scrunchy or rubber band instead of a hair clip.

Expect to sweat a fair bit, so you may want to bring a change of clothes. There’s filtered water at Dance Home, so there’s no need to bring any. Experienced contacters often wear Chinese kneepads, which are thinner than typical kneepads and allow more range of movement. However, you should be able to get through your first jam without any (and some long-time dancers don’t wear them at all). If you want to be super-prepared, you can order kneepads through the Contact Quarterly.

 – Richard Kim, Writer of Blog at Contact Quarterly 

What to Bring?

Water, an Open Mind and an Open Heart, Especially for yourself 🙂 


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