Ecstatic Dance Toronto – Thursday Nov 29, 7:30 – 9:30

about this event

Ecstatic Dance Toronto is a weekly soulful dance gathering with 80-100+ dancers who come out to dance every Monday and Thursday night at the Dovercourt House 2nd floor 7:30-9:30pm.
Tickets for entry are $15 on Universe.
Join us anytime! Come alone or with friends!

This is a dance practice.
Its an opportunity to drop into your body and let it guide you in all the ways you may have forgotten…in the sacred space of our dance community.
Rediscover yourself and fall in love with all you discover is in you that wants to move.

Our unique unique musical sets are designed to take you on a journey …
every evening is a unique musical offering with an invitation created by our talented resident DJ’s.

Come learn the secret that our growing community knows
… that life is RICHER & SO MUCH BETTER when you dance regularly!

LIKE our Facebook page – Ecstatic Dance Toronto – if you want to stay in touch.
That’s where we share music, as well as inspirations related to Community, Music and Dance!

We intentionally play all kinds of music, rhythms and beats because different music invites our bodies to explore a fuller range of movement. Every journey will start slow, build to an energetic high peak and move back down to a quiet, meditative place.
Try to arrive on time to take part in the entire journey.

Invite your dancing friends and share the love of dance, music and community!

“Dancer are the athletes of God.” Albert Einstein