Ecstatic Dance ONLINE – MONDAYS

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ALRIGHT 💃🏻 Dance lovers, movers, shakers, freedom seekers, change makers, tree huggers and love warriors….enough sitting around! Let’s take a deep breath, give your body a little shake down, and get ready to dance!

✦ 1HR DJ-Live Streamed Ecstatic Dance Journey
✦ PLUS Intention Setting & Embodied Meditation
✦ Integration with Community Sounding & Sharing
✦ Socialize with Your Friends in Chat Rooms

You see, for the first time in our 14-year history, you’re invited to plug in and get wild and free for the official launch of Ecstatic Dance Toronto ONLINE! This is a global ecstatic dance experience broadcasting to you online EVERY MONDAY & THURSDAY ONLINE at 7:45pm EST. Just imagine we will be dancing with our local Toronto tribe plus we may be potentially connected to people from all over the globe.

We have a choice to open our hearts and learn how to dance through this pandemic, or close our minds and give in. And what we need to do right now is simply say YES TO LIFE!

Let’s consider the time-out mother earth is getting from less traffic and pollution. Let’s ask how this situation can cause positive changes that we and the world need anyway. Perhaps this a golden opportunity to dive into the inner world of our dreams and source deeper guidance from there. No matter how you look at it, the need to dance has never been greater.

So let’s stand up, blast our speakers, move our energy, get a little wild and breathe life back into our hearts! You can join us in the privacy of your very own living room, kitchen, bedroom, porch, car, literally anywhere there’s wifi.

We can make this into whatever we want it to be, it’s totally up to YOU! We invite you to virtually invite your friends, your family, your conscious communities, anyone who’s ever wondered where you slip off every Monday and Thursday night! Grab your spot, and we’ll send you info on how you can join the tribe online. Let’s show each other that nothing can hold us back from dance and the call of life.

See you on that virtual dance floor soon,

Julia & Ian



7:45PM Arrive. Stretch. Breathe. Gathering of the Tribe.

8:00PM Opening Circle with Check-In, Intention Setting & Embodied Meditation

8:15PM Livestream DJ’ed Ecstatic Dance Journey

9:15PM Closing Circle with Sounding & Sharing

9:30PM Socialize with your Friends in Chat Rooms

Time Zone: Eastern Time / GMT-4

💚 This epic dance experience is only $5-$25 by your generous donations. It takes a village to keep a movement going and your support has never been more important. Click the ticket button to reserve your spot and choose what amount you wish to donate.
Thank you! 💚


Here’s what people are saying about Ecstatic Dance Toronto …

⭐️”Wow!, went for the first time tonight and got lost in a beautiful journey of dance and meditation! Definitely going back next week! Thank you Ecstatic Dance Toronto!” Dave

⭐️”Toronto’s Ecstatic Dance is a magical place to let loose and dance deeply from the inside.” Lesya

⭐️”I love this friendly, inclusive community. Always a joy and inspiration to dance with this tribe!” Anna Maria

⭐️”It’s a powerful spiritual practice of understanding what you’re carrying/ storing in your body; figuring out what you are breaking through, what you’re yearning for; daring to be and be with yourself fully with love. That was the intention I set and with kindness I just let my body do whatever it needed to. By the end of it I felt in total union with my true self and gentle strength. In good company.” Tiff

⭐️”Dancers are the athletes of God.” Martha Graham

You were born to move and dance in your own unique way!



Ecstatic dance is freestyle dance – move however you wish – honour your body – dance with bare feet – no experience necessary – for all ages, genders, cultures & sizes – respect yourself and one another – dance in comfortable clothes to move in – have water to drink – alcohol-free and recreational drug-free – safe and sacred space – let the music take you on a journey

🌴Our Intention 🌴

We come as we are to sweat, dance and connect with ourselves and each other. You can dance as you wish, big or small, lying on the floor or jumping in the air. We create a safe space that is inspiring and uplifting. It is also nonverbal, barefoot, alcohol/drug-free to keep the experience intentional. This is a place where you can feel free to move and express whatever is alive in you and whatever comes up when you shake up your cells.

“Ecstatic Dance is the way we use to gather as a community and dance to rhythms and beats for the purpose of celebration, healing, transformation, prayer and everything and anything under the sun.”

🦋Julia Ray 🦋

Learn more about Ecstatic Dance here…

🥳First Time? 🥳

If you’ve never attended Ecstatic Dance Toronto or any other ecstatic dances, now’s your BIG MOMENT. In the privacy of your very own living room, kitchen, bedroom, porch, car, literally anywhere there’s wifi, join us.

We look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces!