Ecstatic Dance LA ≫ VIRTUAL DANCE

about this event

Dance is our medicine and we are committed to facilitating ways for people to practice freeform dance as an expression of health & wellbeing! That’s why we’ll be hosting a weekly Sunday livestream Ecstatic Dance LA offerings from now until further notice.

Tune in with us between 1 – 2:30pm each Sunday on Zoom + Mixlr (for the audio) to hear great ecstatic dance mixes and connect with yourself and the global conscious dance community. We especially need to move energy through our bodies during times of stress and this quarantine is not going to stop us! Let’s free up our mind/body/spirit.

We’re creating more ways to connect and thrive in the midst of this global pandemic and making #movementmedicine go viral is a perfect way to light that fire 🔥

Join us on Sunday’s and remember how good it feels to move your body in a non judgmental freeform way with great music.

~ ♡ ~


≫ 1PM – Gather & Connect & Sort tech
≫ 1:15 – Opening Meditation
≫ 1:30 – Ecstatic Dance
≫ 2:30 – Closing Meditation




≫ Zoom Meeting ID: 208 111 2020

➤ MIXLR LINK (for audio):

* Please note, there will be no audio on Zoom. All audio and music will be played via MIXLR. The easiest and most portable way to play the music is by downloading the free Mixlr app 😉


➤ How to log on

1. Download ‘Zoom’ to your computer or device if you don’t yet have it
2. Click on the Zoom link above
3. Join us anytime from 1pm onwards
4. Click the for the music

(or better yet download the free app for easiest access and portability).
5. Plug your device into a sound system or use headphones for best audio

➤ Cost

Please support our movement and the producers, artists and all those involved in running Ecstatic Dance LA. Many of us have lost a big part of our income during this economic crisis and self-isolation period. Please donate between $6 – $20 (or more 🙂 to participate.

≫ You can donate via Venmo to: @EDanceLA
≫ Or via PayPal to:


We look forward to dancing with you and connecting through movement & music during this extraordinary time in our lives and for this generation on our planet.

We love you

~ ♡ ~