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Join us at Ecstatic Dance LA for our final event of 2019! We’ve got the heavy hitting Dj Dakini playing for us as one of her final stops in her international touring schedule and it’s bound to be lit AF!!! If you haven’t heard her bass heavy world music infused sets, you’re in for a treat. She’ll have us deep diving into a trance of somatic activation with her sonic transmission. We’ll also have an opening contact improvisation warm up facilitated by the masterful – Davi Rhein, and an exquisite sound bath to round out the whole experience. Join us as we usher in the winter season EDLA style. We hope you can join us as we end the year (or shall we say this DECADE) with a bang!!!
~ ♡ ~

➤ Ecstatic Dance LA weaves together world class DJs, immersive sound journeys and free-form movement. It’s a substance-free, all ages community celebration where you can simply BE yourself and experience rejuvenation & inspiration through connection, dance & music!



≫ 3:15pm: Doors Open | Stretch + Connect

≫ 3:30 – 4:30pm: 3:30 – 4:30: Contact Improv with David Rhein

≫ 4:30 – 6:30pm: ECSTATIC DANCE with DAKINI

≫ 6:30 – 6:45PM: Sound Bath

≫ 6:45 – 7PM: Closing Circle

– – –

▸▸▸ Plus:

// Superfoods café with Chef Mallori

// Massage and Healing Touch with Atasiea & Guest practitioners

// Chill out zone & altar space


International Dj Dakini is renowned globally for her refined ear and impeccable taste in music. An underground festival culture pioneer, she has been a pivotal part of global electronic music festival culture since the turn of the millennium. She is one of Australia’s most renowned underground female djs, with a global following & fan base…and now resides in California, USA.

Dakini currently specializes in “ancient future bass” and frequents the festival and ecstatic dance circuits of California and beyond. Currently playing all over the world, she is known to move any dancefloor with an infectious deep bassline & tribal sounds at festivals such as: Symbiosis Gathering, Lightning In A Bottle, Burning Man, Rainbow Serpent Festival & more.

Dakini works as a facilitator of transformational spaces whether behind the decks or behind the scenes of some of the world’s best festivals. She is known worldwide for her bass & chill mixes on Soundcloud that have gone viral online, and she has released her first remix on Desert Trax collaborating with Deya Dova and Temple Step Project.

≫ with David Rhein

Come learn new skills and explore the intersection of Contact Improvisation and Ecstatic Dance. David will lead a warmup that focuses on elements of playfulness, creativity, human connection, and group dynamics. We’ll learn to communicate and listen with our bodies in a way that is new and novel to many, and practice various strategies for how to initiate, enter, or leave a dance (both in duets and in larger groups). We will expand our non-verbal vocabulary by practicing how to mimic and influence each other both in physical contact and without physical contact. After a series of facilitated exercises and contact games, we’ll have a short open jam, and you will have the skills needed to flow easily from partner to partner and enjoy exploring and sampling the unique energies and styles of each amazing human in the room.
➤ How it works:

We open with a special warmup yoga or movement class facilitated by a skilled practitioner. The opening class blends seamlessly into the the two hour freeform dance journey facilitated by our guest DJ. At the end of the DJ set we close with a sound bath or group exercise to ground and complete the experience.

➤What to expect:

Ecstatic Dance is a community gathering for people who want to express themselves freely, to connect, and to expand together.

❃ Live DJs | Free-Form Movement | Workshops | Yoga | Sound Baths | Massage | High Vibe Food | Tribe ❃

Join us and enjoy a safe and inspiring space to dance without talking, drinking, and the nightclub vibe. This is about self-expression, freeing your mind and body, and connecting with yourself and those around you. No booze, no shoes and no chit-chat on the dance floor helps us keep it intentional. Amazing music helps us keep it all about Dance.

➤ Guidelines:

▸ No talking on the dance floor (there’s room to talk in the lounge space or quietly at the edge of the dance floor)

“At Ecstatic Dance, we join together to create a sacred space for dancing. No talking on the dance floor allows us to move out of our heads and into our bodies, hearts, and spirits. We leave behind the words and worries of the day, and connect with spirit and each other in new ways.” – Donna Carrol (Co-Founder Ecstatic Dance Oakland)

▸ Move your body however you wish

▸ Maintain care/awareness for the space and those around you

▸ This is a drug and alcohol free event

▸ No photos or videos; cellphones muted and out of sight

▸ Ecstatic Dance is a barefoot practice. If you need to wear shoes due to health reasons, please note dance-specific shoes are allowed, but only shoes that have not been worn on the street

▸ Children under 16 dance free!

▸ Complimentary earplugs 😉

➤ What to Bring:

1. Loose-fitting clothes that let you move your body and free yourself

2. Water and a water bottle. You can refill it at the venue.

3. A good attitude, open heart, your business card or flyers for networking.

4. Please leave other non essential items at home as we have limited storage space at the venue.


➤ $20 – 25 Early Bird (Online)
➤ $30 At Door

(Once Early Bird tickets are sold out you will be able to buy tickets on the day at the door for $20)

This event is all ages, children under 16 get in for free.


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