Eating For Your Constitution

about this event

Explore the benefits of bio-individual nutrition, mind-body constitution types + our Global Holistic Health Coaching Certificate Course (applications for our fall intake accepted until October 29th).

Inspired by Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and global cultures of longevity, our unique holistic health coach training features dynamic learning experiences that transcend online education. Through remote cook-alongs, live lectures, and a holistic curriculum including bodywork and mindfulness practices–– we connect learners and teachers from around the world through practical, communal classes for truly embodied knowledge. Download our course brochure here.

Master the art of eating for your mind, body, and spirit through traditional concepts of Food Energetics and the Five Element theory. Learn the unique constitution types of TCM & Ayurveda and how to work with these ancient wisdoms in our modern lives for radiant health.

Are you vata, pitta or kapha? Excess yin or deficient yang? You will identify and understand your individual strengths and weaknesses and how to make daily decisions that support your personal state of harmony.

You will learn:

  • How to recognize the constitutional archetypes of Eastern Medicine in yourself and others
  • The physical, spiritual, and environmental roles in creating our constitutions
  • How to eat in true alignment for what your body really needs- An in-depth look into our holistic health coaching certificate program

This event will be led by AHN Founder and longevity sciences educator Roger Green. Mr. Green is a pioneer in modern-day natural healthcare. He is a master of both Eastern traditions and Western nutritional breakthroughs which he has lectured on for 40 years in over 70 countries. He is also actively involved in the development of different technologies for natural healing, longevity research, and renewable energy.

Interested in learning more ahead of the event?

Visit our website: Follow us @healingnutrition Email Call +447707974508 to speak to a course representative.