Easy Breathwork Intro class

about this event

Easy Breathwork – a simple, safe and easy breathing technique proven to facilitate healing, clear burried emotions, unwind stress, tension, trauma and injury from the body and to restore a sense of well-being. 

Through this circular breathing method we peel back habitual layers of protection in order to access and digest emotional holding patterns. Body and mind align in the present moment, allowing the body to clear itself of deeply held tension and fear. 

In this weekly group online class , be guided from the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

By the end of the session feel clear, lighter, aligned, calm, and in your body.

Leave behind the burdens of the past in a single breathwork session.

With this regular weekly practice, develop the capacity to clear yourself in real time of incoming stressors, old trauma and emotional holding patterns. This results in an increased capacity to thrive and creatively flow. 

This breathwrok practice, like any practice, is best done regularly. Join weekly for the most benefit.