DREAMINAR SUMMIT – Align With Your Soul’s Mission

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The S Factor: Soul, Spirit and Synchronicity – Aligning with Your Soul’s Mission 

On August 14th, international spirit leaders, teachers, and shamans who are deeply connected to our spirit world and mother nature will be joining to help us explore how we can align with our soul through connection with our ancestral roots, understanding our karmic wounds and transcending our subconscious patterns so we can unlock and manifest the TRUE potential of our souls. 💫

We’ll also explore the scientific perspective of the positive psychology of synchronicity and how it can enhance our mental wellbeing through challenging times to awake a deeper understanding with our destiny.

If your soul seeks realignment, new inspiration and connection with your ancestral roots, join us at THE DREAMINAR SUMMIT on August 14th to gain actionable tips and rituals to start practicing right away. Your soul will thank you for it!