Dogon Healing & Philosophy – Workshop Series

about this event

Ankhkasta & The Nest are collaborating in Hollywood California, May 26th-May 30th.

Ticket sales are donations, fundraising for the Dogon tribes in West Africa, and projects to preserve traditional healing centers in the region. 

Join us for any/all workshops in this series:

❖ Friday evening event discussing Dogon Divination

❖ A special weekend workshop (Sat/Sun) with Dogon High Preist Naba Iritah Shenmira for an experiential mind-body and spiritual cleansing and protection event. We will be offering traditional herbal healing baths, detoxifying cleansing herbs as well as a special 2 day integrative Dreaming workshop.

❖ Register for a Private MTAM reading with the Dogon on May 29th & May 30th.

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The Dogon are a collection of bloodlines who are the direct descendants of the wisdom keepers from the ancient mystery schools of Memphis and Thebes. In the time of the Pharaohs, there were several elite priesthood bloodlines tasked with preserving and performing spiritual activities, readings, ceremonies, and maintaining the link between humans and the world of the Gods. About 2500 years ago, due to invasions, these bloodlines were forced to migrate from the Nile Valley in order to protect the knowledge and the integrity of the initiations. 

Today the Dogon live in many countries in West Africa. They are seen as the original Kemetic people who have preserved their culture and spirituality, which many Egyptologists and archeologists once thought to be dead. They are one of the most studied cultures in the world and are often known among academics for their knowledge of astronomy and their link to the Sirius star. This is an incredible opportunity to learn ancient healing philosophy and practices straight from the source.