Dogon Cleansing & Philosophy Workshop at The Nest

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Join us for a special week-long workshop at The Nest Hollywood is Los Angeles, CA with Dogon High Preist Naba Iritah Shenmira discussing history, philosophy, astrology, mind body and spiritual cleansing as well as ancestral knowledge. We’re honored to share this rare experience with our community. Each event in this series gives detailed insight into the complex Dogon ancient healing system. You will have the opportunity to learn about the history and cosmology of the Dogon, participate in traditional cleansing and healing rituals and take a deep-dive into the ways in which the Dogon communicate with the invisible world. 

Who are the Dogon?Today the Dogon live in many countries in West Africa. They are seen as the Kemetic people who, during the times of invasion, migrated so that their culture and spirituality could be kept pure. They are one of the most studied cultures in the world and are often known among academia for their knowledge of astronomy and their link to the Sirius star. This is an incredible opportunity to learn ancient healing philosophy and practices straight from the source. Learn more below!

The Nest Hollywood is a secluded wellness oasis in the Hollywood Hills, bringing together a community interested in. mind, body and soul enhancement. Learn more about the space:


The tickets here on Conscious City Guide are for entry to the entire week of workshops, however if you would like to only attend one of the days, please visit this link: 


Thursday Jan 19th: DINNER WITH THE DOGON 5-8PM

  • Dine with Dogon Leader Naba Iritah Shenmira in an intimate setting. Storytelling and Q&A.
  • $200 Ticket, Limited Availability

Friday Jan 20th: WHO ARE THE DOGON? 5-9PM

  • History of the Dogon & Colonization, Cosmology of the Culture, Dogon Astrology, Dogon Healing Tea, Snacks & Herbal Marketplace
  • $200 Ticket


  • Mind, Body & Spiritual Purifications, The Importance of Cleansing, Intro to Dogon Herbalism, Ablutions Workshop & Spiritual Baths
  • $300 Ticket


  • Dialogue of Energies, The Ancestral Spirit, Ancient Spiritual Technology for Dialoging with the Invisible, Altar & Offerings, & Meditation
  • $200 Ticket 

Monday & Tuesday Jan 23 & 24th: PRIVATE READINGS AT THE NEST

  • MTAM Earth Energy Readings: Dogon Divination for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Direction. $250 to book. Contact

Weekend Workshop Bundle: FRIDAY- SUNDAY WORKSHOPS FOR $550

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*** The Nest is a private location, so the exact address is sent only to those who register for events. If you register, please keep an eye out on your email (and spam folders) for the address and additional info. If you have trouble or questions, please reach out to us: