Divine Love Frequency Soundbath

about this event


A FREE GIFT to join our hearts together on this sacred day to receive Divine Love, Divine Union and Divine Abundance codes on this day with an alchemy crystal bowl 528 hz frequency soundbath!

Let us come together for an initiation and light transmission on this day to embody codes of union within our own heart chalice, connecting to our guides, the sacred couples; Mother Mut and Father Ra, Isis and Osiris, Hathor and Horus, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene as well as St. Germaine who works with Twin Flames to work with these crystalline codes coming through for our ascension into Divine Love, Divine Union and Divine Abundance.  

We are moving from individuality and separateness into ONENESS and UNITY. Your come from love, are love and we go back to love. These codes will be awakening unconditional love within us to expand our hearts and merge back with the heart of god which is the source of our powers and main fulfilment in life.

When we are connected to the frequency of LOVE all things are possible in life. 


  • Create sacred space (maybe light some candles, incense…)
  • Blanket 
  • Pillows
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Sacred items to charge with the sounds (crystals, sacred objects, mementos etc.)
  • Headphones (quality of sound is best with headphones or if you have good speakers… computer speakers are not ideal for highest quality sound output)
  • Sacred Items to Charge with Sound Current (picture, crystal, mala, etc…)


**If you cannot attend live, you can watch replay at a later time for up to 72 hours after the event. 

***Links will be sent directly from Conscious Events when you purchase the ticket and again 15 minutes prior to the soundbath for you to join. Please double check your ticket upon purchase and if you don’t receive it check your spam/junk folders. 

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