about this event

Join us on Earth Day to commemorate our planet at El Matdor Beach (one of the most beautiful beaches in California). Find us around sunset cultivating an atmosphere of gratitude and community as we travel into the mystic for another celebratory night of cacao, soundbowl healing, and silent disco. The Earth has provided so much for us. This will be a time of intentional gratitude. 

How we will be celebrating (Event Begins at 4:30 and ends at 8:30pm Feel free to come earlier):

  • Early Beach Clean Up *
  • Gather in Community
  • Opening Speech of Gratitude
  • 5:30pm Kava Ceremomy (for those who register In donation option)
  • Sound Healing (Bowls/Vocals) 
  • Ecstatitc Dance Set with Silent Disco Headphones

*Special Give Away to the person who is the most sustainable the week leading up to Friday the 22nd. 

Social Media Give Away Contest:

  • Share on your IG story/post/reel how you are being sustainable and tag us (@nativequest and @highvibetriiibe) while Hashtagging #Earthdaybirthday. 
  • Acceptable acts of sustainability: Clean up trash in nature, re-useable water bottle, bring your own cup/bowl to our event, compost, etc. These are example but not limitations. Feel free to create your own ways of sustainability. 
  • Giving away: Sea Moss Gel, personal Cacao mixture, and a botanical herbal preroll. 

Payment donation of $11 for general and $22 for Kava Ceremony:

– (be sure to show up by 5pm for Kava Ceremony to secure parking etc.)

  • Can pay through this site (fees apply)
  • Venmo (@nativequest) or Paypal 

El Matador Beach:


Native Quest: creating safe spaces to encourage the community to dive deeper within themselves and connect through facilitating intentional moments to live authentically and harmoniously with nature and eachother. 

High Vibe Tribe: “We bring you alchemy w/ intentions of love+health 🌊⭐️Guiding one another to heal thy cellph thru our goods🌍⚡️🐝 💖’

Excited to have you all join us for a special birthday party!

Bring your friends and lets celebrate!

Bring your own cup for the Kava/Cacao Ceremony. Bring a yoga mat/blanket.

See you there!