Dissolve into Sound – Liberate through Sound

about this event

Join us on Saturday night for a holistically rejuvenating evening. Our candlelit sound immersions blend healing mantra and sound, and provide a pathway to inner and outer coherence, smoothing frenzied and blocked energies within the body and mind to take you to simply being.

Conducted with a deep reverence for the transformative and cleansing properties of sound vibration, we enter our practice through movement, breath, intention and a grounding meditation. You will be immersed in an orchestra of sound vibrations using gongs, tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, a dulcimer and other instruments, layering sound frequencies and silence.

Our practice explores the experience of sound & silence, inner & outer vibration to clear stuck energies within and around the body, including emotional and mental energies. We gift our cells a vibratory dance party! Our sound immersions invite you to deep dive into relaxation, allowing the thinking mind to calm bringing inner clarity, wholesome rejuvenation and opening us to our true creativity.

Bring a yoga mat, water and blanket, and wear comfortable clothes. Stay behind afterwards for tea and to connect with others.

Jess Lakin is a Sound Facilitator, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Holistic Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner with a passion for sound and resonance. She specializes in personal and group sound immersions with the gong.

Adrienne Saraswati is a musician and certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher. She currently teaches meditation to children and teachers in the LA public school system, and is the producer of The Love Refinery, a music project focussing on Sanskrit mantra, yoga and meditation music, and healing sound frequencies.