Discover If Your Aura Is Outdated – Upgrading Your Energy System (Aura)

about this event

Everything on this planet is moving into a Higher Frequency; and as a result our Energy Systems or Old Auras Structures are breaking down.

As these new frequencies are taking over we are able to Upgrade our energy systems to match these new frequencies (It is a lot like we do with all our technology! Upgrading our computers, phones, ect.)

You can Upgrade your energy system with a one time energy treatment called AuraTransformation.

It is very exciting to share this info about the New Time Energies and ways to assist you in living a more joyful, integrated and grounded life.

If you feel any the following it might be time for your Upgrade:

  • You are an empath and feel everyone’s stuff
  • You have a hard time keeping your own energy to yourself
  • Your thoughts are all over the place (out of control .. and alot of negative chatter / shoulds)
  • You can see your reactionary self and your all those patterns/limitations playing all over again
  • You have tried everything but still feel you are not moving forward in your life
  • Are ready to let go of the past
  • Want to move forward in order to live your truth from inside out
  • Feel ready to take full responsibility for your life
  • You feel tired a lot of the time or You easily become tired and exhausted
  • You need to follow a “wellbeing routine” to feel okay throughout your day
  • You need to meditate to know what decisions to make and you still doubt
  • You feel frazzled by children (all children are born with an upgraded high-frequency system)
  • You suffer from migraines without explanation
  • You forget things and it feels like your mind has no space for things

Upgrading your Energy System will result in:

  • Stronger Intuition and Drive
  • You will be in contact with all of your Consciousness
  • Your body is protected
  • You can keep your personal energy to yourself
  • Your magnetism and attraction power is intensified
  • You function from a place of Free Will and Instant Karma
  • You will be in contact with your Truth and Passion (DHARMA)
  • Find yourself more whole and together withe more Charisma and Joy

Join the call for more information. I will be speaking about our Auras, how they work against us in this New High Frequency Time and how easy it is to be able to live a life of joy!