Digital Zen Circle

about this event

Digital Zen Circles™ Now Available!

Please join us each Wednesday from 5:30-7pm (PST) on ZOOM for our weekly Digital Zen Circles™.

Space is limited so reserve your space now.

Each Digital Zen Circle™ is a guided experience by a trained Zen Circle™ Leader.

Our Philosophy:
Entrepreneurial, Leaders, and Creatives are looking for a place to come and connect on a deeper level. We give them an opportunity to be seen, to be heard, to listen, and to connect. In a time where so many people wear masks, we create a powerful space to be your true-authentic-self.

Where Zen Circles™ Comes from?

The concept of Zen House™ was founded three years ago in the homes of our members and has been a grassroots community that sustained itself through donations. The founders, Enrico and Sean, have now decided to bring Zen House™ into an environment that will elevate the brand and scale it’s community.

We have culminated multi disciplinary techniques through years of training that range from trainings/workshops including The Mankind Project, Insight Los Angeles, The Landmark Forum, Meditation, Nonviolent Communication Training, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Active Listening techniques to mention a few.