Difficult Conversations

about this event

 A workshop on how to handle any type of conversation, especially the ones you find most challenging.

About this event

The familiar tightening of the chest, the feeling of anger, the loss of words… some conversations can make us feel anxious, insecure, attacked. Sounds familiar?

Add to that very human experience the extra stress and sensitivity a lot of us are dealing with after 2.5 years of pandemic, loss, and upheavals – all of which are not over yet – and it can feel like you have even less tolerance for challenging conversations.

Whether you are the one who needs to bring up a difficult conversation, or you find yourself at the receiving end of it, what would it be like to know you can always find your way back to your peace of mind, no matter what?

Join me for an interactive workshop to:

  • Transform your relationship to what is “difficult” in communication
  • Expand your capacity to be in communication you find challenging
  • Understand what can create more connection even when there is disagreement
  • Tap into your own natural capacity to be with what is uncomfortable and respond from a place of wisdom
  • Improve your relationships, whether at home or at work

About Off The Beaten Path

Join me for another workshop in Repurpose Your Purpose‘s series of interactive teachings for living a fulfilling life. A fulfilling life is one in which we feel at One with ourselves and others, at home in the world, and where we pursue work that is in alignment with our values and purpose.

This new series of workshops will span different topics, exploring living and working from your own deeper wisdom and understanding.

Ready to take the first step Off The Beaten Path?


  • This event will take place live online and is INTERACTIVE. You can calculate your local time to participate here.
  • Please note that this event will NOT be recorded to protect participants’ privacy and allow deeper sharing
  • I will host this workshop twice, once at 10 am Los Angeles time and one at 5 pm Los Angeles time in order to accomodate different time zones. You only have to participate once.
  • Please make sure you have fast and reliable internet connection, video camera, headphones and mic as needed to participate.
  • To co create a safe and respectful space, please be on time
  • Although a Zoom app is available, I highly recommend you plan on attending using your laptop or desktop computer.
  • The workshop is open to anybody from anywhere in the world 🙂 The entire workshop will be in English.
  • Please choose a quiet environment free of distractions to participate: this is a completely live and interactive workshop and you will need to be fully present and participate.