about this event

Join Sēfari founder Jobi Manson and artist Alana Wilson in a live streamed dialouge exploring self expression and the creative process. 

Alana Wilson works primarily in ceramic, with a studio practice that also encompasses sculpture, photography, and printmaking. Forming a visual and conceptual lineage across mediums and processes, the Australian-born, New Zealand-raised artist questions the relationship between humans and their environments, and the scale of which we exist in nature. Often drawing upon natural, biographical, art historical and anthropological sources, Wilson’s work is inherently visceral, intimate and tactile. With a practice that involves a combination of philosophical enquiry and material investigation, the latter involves following instinct and experimentation in the studio.

Jobi Manson is an interdisciplinary artist working in neuroaesthetics, the landscapes of sound, and elemental immersion. Her work plays with the subtle intricacies of human connection and endeavors to reimagine our relationship to our bodies, each other and how we live together among the natural world.