Desire, Commitment, and Self-Trust on the Dating Path

about this event

A workshop and connection experience hosted by humhum and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Rachel Greenberg

humhum and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Rachel Greenberg are collaborating to bring you an experience that weaves together community, discussion, mindfulness and authentic connection as we explore dating as a path of transformation.

This unique two-hour virtual experience will begin with an engaging exploration of Self-Trust, Commitment, and Desire in dating facilitated by Dr. Rachel Greenberg, and will then open up into breakout rooms for the group to explore the topic more deeply with one another, and connect through guided, conscious dialogue.

*BIPoC Individuals, you’re invited to use the discount code BIPOC for 25% off your ticket.

humhum’s jam is removing friction from forming new connections; we offer a topic building off of Rachel’s share, keep time, let you know who speaks when, and how to keep in touch after if there is shared interest to do so. All you have to do is show up, be yourself, focus on your experience and enjoy the new connections you’re making.

This experience is connection centric, and not everyone there will be available to dating—however we welcome all folks; those available to dating and those who are unavailable. Because we love romantic possibility at humhum, for those of you ‘available to dating’ we help you follow up on connections you’re interested in.

For all attendees, we offer a private form where you indicate who you’d like to stay connected to and what you’re available to e.g. friendship or intrigued to explore something more. If there is reciprocity, humhum makes an email intro after the event, and helps you deepen in your connection beyond this virtual experience. Don’t worry, if you put “intrigued” and someone else put “friendly,” your secret is safe with us and we connect you as friends to keep in touch.

About humhum

humhum is a space for authentic human connection, romantic possibility, and relationships. We offer experiences that bring us closer to ourselves as we connect with one another. We see all forms of connection as a pathway to self discovery, expansion and evolution. Learn more here.

About Dr. Rachel Greenberg

Dr. Rachel Greenberg is a licensed trauma-informed Clinical Psychologist, Relationship Specialist, Theorist, Therapist, & Teacher. Her approach combines psychology, spirituality, somatic awareness, sensuality, relational attunement, and myth. The work guides you into deeper parts of your truth so you can compassionately & confidently enhance and expand your quality of life. In addition to nearly 20 years of academic and clinical training in Psychology, she incorporates principles from Eastern and Spiritual approaches to healing. Dr. Rachel is most strongly influenced by Buddhist Psychology, Internal Family Systems, and Imago Theory. With additional inspiration from Attachment Theory and Science, Intersectional Feminist Theory, Nonviolent Communication, Mindfulness, & Depth Psychology. Learn more here.


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