Deep Rest Immersion at Mount Shasta

about this event

Ground yourself on the sacred land of Mount Shasta, in the expansiveness of the forest. Let the sound of the wind, the owl in the tree and the warmth of the fire rebalance your burnt out nervous system. 

Join us June 12-17 at one of the most potent healing vortexes on earth to reunite with the rhythms of nature, deeply rest and heal from burnout.

We will gather at Hestia Retreat Center, a 10-acre sanctuary surrounded by an enchanted forest and sacred flowing waters, located near Mount Shasta, California—one of the most potent healing vortexes on earth. Its indoor and outdoor spaces have been intentionally designed and energetically attuned to support your rejuvenation, healing and transformation.

Cozy up in 20-foot spacious yurts encircled by fragrant oak and cedar trees. The beautiful skylight dome offers amazing nighttime views of the moon and stars! Each yurt is uniquely attuned to support deep healing with a particular chakra focus. 

Flow with nature’s rhythms on sacred land.

This is for you if you….

Feel exhausted, anxious, disconnected, stuck, lack motivation, have muscle tension, insomnia & auto-immune issues.

Are overwhelmed and want to ‘just be,’ but don’t know how to unplug because you are frazzled and extremely burnt out. 

Say to yourself ‘I’ll be happy when’ or ‘I wish,’ but find yourself continually unsatisfied with life.

Felt frustrated after going to a retreat because nothing changed in your life afterwards. Or, you were not rested after you left a retreat from the packed schedule or too much ‘trauma-mining.’  

Want rituals and tools so what you experience on retreat can be integrated into your life. 

Need accountability and support after the retreat to make real changes in your life for results that last.

What you’ll experience….

Reunite with the rhythms of the natural world and your own body so you can feel more at peace.    

Digitally Detox and begin to heal from burnout in a spacious container that balances structure with ample free time.

Practice yoga, breathwork and daily rituals that rebalance your frazzled nervous system. 

Connection with other like-hearted people on the same journey as you.

An initiation to lead a more whole and balanced life with reduced stress, improved sleep and renewed creativity.

Integration of what you’ve learned after you leave to change your daily routine with post-program coaching & access to exclusive community workshops.