December Full Moon Wmns Circle

about this event

Join us on Dec. 18 to gather in a support circle of women. While December may bring us a “Cold Moon,” don’t let the name discourage you. The Cold Moon is an indicator that now is an ideal time to start visualizing what you want to bring into your life. Together we will celebrate what this moon will bring as we prepare for a new year. We invite you to release fears and heavy baggage, and focus on hope for the future as the Cold Moon brings us a chance to recharge and reconnect. 

Join our community for our Full moon gathering as we explore this opportunity for spiritual growth and goal setting. Together, we will focus on steping into our full potential as we bring hope and positivity into our hearts.


* check in and connect with one another

* meditate

* chant

* journal around manifestation, love and the ways in which we want to feel most supported

* enjoy a special tea ceremony


* Free for Mastery Members (check your Member area for the promo code)

* $11 for Activation Members and non-members/drop in’s