10 Wisdom Goddess Deep Dive (5-Day Non-Residential Retreat)

about this event

an intimate 5-day non-residential initiation & immersion honoring & invoking the 10 Wisdom Goddesses of Tantra 

Summer 2024

July 18 -22, 2024

for up to 8 initiates

The Dasha Mahavidhya is a sacred and beautiful initiation practice that enlivens our divine feminine energy, referred to as Shakti. 

Shakti represents creative intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, creative life force, and our infinite organizing power.

Dasha Mahavidyas means “10 Great Knowledges or the 10 Great Transcendent Wisdoms”. Each form of the Goddess reveals her knowledge through the practice giving us access to cosmic stability, receiving a blessing, radiance, fulfillment, or bestowing a sense of playfulness. 

This practice will challenge us to look deeper into and understand the potential of our divine feminine nature. These Goddesses reveal the universe’s and consciousness’s inner workings and represent the greater truths of life hidden behind our ego attachments.

Each form of the Goddess will transcend ignorance and delusion through ego and grant liberating knowledge (the vidya forms). Each Goddess and form has a different Siddhi – a Siddhis is a power meant to give us a clearer perception of reality and bring us to our most authentic nature. 

The Experience:

  • sacred ritual/puja for the divine feminine
  • japa mantra meditation for each Goddess
  • Siddhi for each Goddess by using the technique of samyama
  • rounding (surya namaskar, breathwork sequence, japa mantra, samyama)
  • deep understanding of the conscious field of the Goddess
  • practicing with reverence + devotion

Schedule Flow:

  • Friday- 5-9p Opening Ceremony
  • Saturday – 10a- Noon, Break/Lunch, 2p-9p ish
  • Sunday – 10a- Noon, Break/Lunch, 2p-9p ish
  • Monday – 10a- Noon, Break/Lunch, 2p-9p ish

This retreat will be like nothing else you have experienced. My experience is that it will bring you to the divine and taste the nectar of life. I am honored to facilitate this sacred practice and offer it to this community. 

Please bring:

  • dress comfortably for yoga/meditation.
  • wear black
  • bring a yoga mat
  • water bottle
  • notebook + pen


This is a non-residential retreat. Clear out your social schedule and treat it like a retreat. If you are not local to the Boulder/Denver area, you will need to find accommodations, and getting a hotel or Airbnb to yourself will be ideal so you can have space to integrate in your own energy.

Pay closer to the retreat date

$2,500 per person

up to 10 initiation seats are available*prerequisites: Intro to Vedic Meditation Course, Japa Course, at least one year of non-negotiable meditating and ready to have deep expereinces

Payment: you may reserve your seat with a $250 deposit a credit card using the 1st ‘ticket option’, or reserve your seat with 2nd ‘ticket option’ to pay via Venmo to @YashodaDeviMa.