Cultivating Magical Powers

about this event

During this 2 hour experiential workshop, Taryn will guide participants through shamanic journeying to connect with their spirit animals, higher self, and guides. Prior to the journey, Rhoda will prime participants into altered transpersonal states using a powerful breathwork and healing reiki experience.

Together, we will learn how exploration of these connections can be applied in contemporary daily life to help heal oneself, others, our Planet, and to generally live as a vital force in the world.

This event is limited to only 5 non-members of House of Intuition., Highland Park. Please contact them to ask about their membership program and get all your classes for $5 unlimited.

To participate as a non-member, RSVP here.


“The spirit animal workshop was a fun way to spend my Sunday afternoon but what I wasn’t expecting was the deeply insightful and rich experience that it introduced into my life. Weeks later I still found myself contemplating and questioning the new knowledge I received from the mediation and how it tied into my new understanding. A big thank you to the safe space that Taryn and Rhoda provided without which that level of mind expansion would not have been possible. They are an incredibly knowledgeable and authentic team who really know their practice. I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in self improvement and spirituality. It is a gift to yourself!”

-Jessica S

* Please note that if you have ever had seizures, have a history of cardiovascular medical issues, high blood pressure, recent major injuries/surgeries, glaucoma, retinal detachment, psychological conditions which you have been or are being treated or medicated for, or are pregnant, this workshop is not for you. Please see our other workshops which may be more suitable for you.

Preparing for the workshop

Set an intention and be open to all that may come up as needed, not necessarily what you wanted.

Come with questions and be open to all that cannot be logically answered.

What to bring:

Wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing
Lip balm
Water in a closed, shatterproof vessel
Yoga mat
Pillow or meditation cushion/seat if you want to use your own
Journal/Paper and pen
Blanket or warm clothing layers
Eye mask or scarf