Crystaline Activation Workshop

about this event

Sound is the medicine of the future!

Are you being called to be one of the keeper’s of sound?

Learn the fundamentals of working with sound, vibration and healing through crystal singing bowls. Part listening and meditation with sound and part learning experience about the practical uses of crystals for healing and ascension. The training includes hands on practice with alchemy crystal bowls and their applications.

Through working with sound we can change our lives and have a deepened sense of purpose, connect to our dreams and hopes and become crystal clear on how to manifest the best life for ourselves with a sharpened intuition and expanded heart.

In this 4-hour intensive workshop you will learn basic sound healing knowledge with a focus on how to effectively and skillfully play crystal bowls.

What You Will Receive:

An in-depth history of crystals and their applications for healing and enlightenment

Introduction to alchemy crystal singing bowls

Basic introduction to sound healing and music theory

Overview of chakras/energy centers along with their connection to different sound currents

Endocrine system energetics and balancing with sound alchemy

Cleansing and activating techniques.

How to play alchemy bowls for self healing and healing others.

Hands on experience with the bowls.

If you are being called to work with sound in new ways by awakening your own unique frequency, this rich intensive workshop is for you. Beneficial for anyone interested in personal growth, anyone in the healing field or anyone interested in getting started in the sound healing as a career. No experience is necessary!


No prerequisites are needed

All levels are welcome

An open heart and mind