Creativity Circle – The Art of Collage – Art & Consciousness

about this event

Tap into your infinite riches within. Be guided by Los Angeles Artist Carole Silverstein in this Creativity Circle in Art & Consciousness. Delving into memories & stories from our lives. Collage, writing & imagining. Take time to travel, meander & wander through the vast gift of your imagination. Connect to your potency. Find expansion. Art historical images will be shown for depth of meaning & inspiration.

The Art of Collage – to cut, tear, disassemble, break down existing forms –
and then to re-structure, re-imagine, re-order, re-assemble in new, unexpected ways.
To take what is given, at hand, and to make something new out of it.
This workshop is just right for these times!

Also great for gathering/inviting your tribe of friends & family together – a powerful way to connect to your inner world and to community. For all levels – beginner to professional. Multi-level – no experience necessary.