Create Your Altar + Sacred Space with Aarona Leá of The Moon Deck

about this event

Adding a touch of sacredness to our home is one of the best ways we can show up for our emotional and spiritual health during this time we are all in together. When we show our home love it helps to keep our space clear and the energies balanced. Adding an altar to the mix lifts the vibration of your home even more and is a place to cultivate deep presence. An altar is also an expression of your spirit and is a true haven that you can lean into daily, no matter what fluctuations are occurring in life. The more we sit with it, the more this energy swells.

As you look around your space, does it feel nurturing, inspiring, protective, and beautiful? Do you have an altar space where you do all of your spirit work such as meditate, journal, oracle cards, contemplate, create, or intention setting/prayer?

This online class will focus primarily on how to create and update your home altar with clear intention. Plus we will dabble in how to turn homecare into a sweet daily ritual to help keep us feeling inspired and nourished during this inward time.

We will explore:

– creating an altar with a specific intention

– how to decorate your altar with what you have

– morning rituals as sacred homecare a

– grounding and aligning in the morning at your altar

– how to cast protection around your home

– how altars are alive and need tending to

– how to make offerings and feed your altar

– how to clean, clear and update your altar

– how to work with the elements on your altar

– honoring your ancestors and your lineager

– how to incorporate stones, crystals, talismans

– feeding your altar (flowers, candles, smudge, food for ancestors, prayers)

– clearing at the beginning and end of the day

– indoor / outdoor altars

– travel altars

Please bring a journal, something to write with, a candle to light, and any other adornments you’d like to have with you such as flowers, stones, crystals, talismans, photos, sticks, notes, coins, or anything else that calls to you.

Aarona Leá
author & founder of The Moon Deck
embodied intuition & ritual wellness teacher

What began as a need for survival, eventually became a passion turned
profession, guiding Aarona to help demystify intuition, ritual, and
emotional health. As a teacher, writer, business owner, and oracle
reader, she authored and founded ‘The Moon Deck’, which has reached
thousands of women globally. Aarona also created the Intuitive Oracle
Training, a live online experience that develops intuition while
learning how to be a fluent Moon Deck Oracle Reader.
With yoga, meditation, alternative therapies, and various healing
modalities guiding Aarona’s journey over the last 25 years, she shares
these combined tools with others. Beginning on a healing path as a
child, this curiosity led her on a life-long journey of study, practice,
and modern ritual – where she explored the shadowy depths of healing
trauma, recovered from chronic cycles of bulemia, and is now helping to
normalize conversations around emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
She also facilitates empowering workshops and trainings, leads sacred
circles and retreats worldwide, offers private and group Intuitive
Oracle Readings + Trainings, and runs The Moon Deck business full time.
Aarona has been profiled in Goop, MindBodyGreen, Gaia, Hello Giggles,
Thrive Global, Traveler UK, 24Life, Yoga Journal, and has been featured
on major wellness podcasts such as The DENTalks, Shaman Durek’s Ancient
Wisdom Today, and IGNTD podcast amongst others. Learn more about
Aarona’s offerings at and