Create a SoulCollage® to Illuminate the Light of Your Soul

about this event

“Journey within yourself, enter a mine of rubies and bathe in the splendor of your own light.” -Rumi

SoulCollage® is an expressive arts practice This method develops creativity and intuition, encourages self-discovery, and provides personal guidance.

This unique approach to discovery allows you to release the “thinking” brain and connect with your deeper wisdom.

After a short introduction to the SoulCollage® method, we will draw down the magic of the full moon through guided meditation.

This meditation will prepare you to create a beautiful and meaningful SoulCollage® card to illuminate the light in your Soul.

The highlight will be the “reading” of your card to extract the higher meaning, guidance and healing from the images in your card.

In this workshop, we will “bathe” in the light of the moon as it illuminates our brightest light within…

Expect magic, deep connection and some spiritual revelations.

No artistic skills or experience is necessary to fully enjoy and participate in this workshop!

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In this workshop, you will…

> Learn about the expressive arts practice that is SoulCollage®. Anyone can create and enjoy this powerful practice and feel connected with the community as you experience synchronicities and soul connection.

> Explore how to create an intuitive collage using the right side of your brain discover your inner wisdom and the beauty of your soul by “stepping into” chosen images

Our Guide 😘

Heather Hoeps, is an intuitive artist, a certified SoulCollage® facilitator, and a creative healing guide for women on a spiritual journey.

Heather is the creator of two hand-collaged indie decks: the ‘The Inner Compass Oracle’ and the new ‘The Inner Journey Tarot’ – a 22 major arcana deck for transformational soul-discovery with the archetypes of the Tarot.”

Heather offers online introductions to SoulCollage® and works 1-on-1 with women in her signature “Art & Soul” sessions which combine oracle/tarot guidance, guided meditation, journaling and an intuitive collage exercise to tap into your creative spirit as well as diving deeper into personal transformation and healing.

Love for Heather ⚡

“Heather’s beautiful, caring energy is contagious and you can tell she loves what she does. The format of it is a very creative, validating way to do things. I would VERY highly recommend her for those times where you really need guidance, clarity or a boost.”

“The sessions I’ve had with Heather have taken my spiritual awakening to a whole new level. I had the sessions in crucial challenging times in my life where I needed to get some clarity, connect with my soul and own intuition to guide me. One session with her can be life-changing.”

Your Host 😉

Jenner Linden | Renowned Business Coach and the Creatix of The Wild Ones, a membership portal + sacred community for seekers to heal deeper, expand their consciousness, and transform their lives.

Jenner’s approach to life and business is, well… radical. Combining secret business hacks with modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom has helped her (and her clients) create a wildly successful brand that resonates with thousands of people who attend her live events each month.

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