Conscious Cannabis Circle

about this event

Experience a safe psychedelic journey with cannabis sativa. We hold space for healing, transformation and exploration through ceremony and ritual in a community setting. We will meet at 4:00PM for a warm conversation, instruction and intention setting circle. Following this we will guide you through a Conscious Cannabis journey. We conclude with light snacks and integration time.

What to Bring:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Yoga Mat or cushion (not air)
  • Journal
  • We will discuss blends and provide some recommendations.
  • BYO

How to Prepare:

  • Eat light that day and maybe try fasting or eating light up to 2 hours before the event
  • Walking in nature and doing other relaxed activities
  • As you approach the day of the circle, take a few minutes to reflect on your intention. What brings you here today?

Please set up outbound transportation beforehand.

This event is 21+ and BYOW, although sharing among consenting adults is legal and permitted in the state of California.

Conscious Cannabis Circles are a ceremonial group encounter designed for exploring and communing with the plant spirit ally Cannabis Sativa. In these monthly gatherings we come together as a community to heal, grow, transform and celebrate. The event consists of a 4.5 hour workshop where you will be guided by trained and experienced facilitators on how to navigate the psychedelic realms this plant opens us up to. We provide a safe and sacred setting for this unfolding. Participants have described this work as “deeply heart-opening” and “one of the most psychedelic experiences I’ve had”. Many compare this experience to those with other plant medicines like mushrooms and ayahuasca. This ceremony format was created by Daniel McQueen and Medicinal Mindfulness in 2012 and is now being taught and extended across the united states in cities where cannabis is legal.

What the event looks like

We begin each journey by creating sacred space together as a community. We then share some guidelines in how to approach this experience in a mindful and intentional way. We imbibe as a group and then guide you through a body scan relaxation. After this we invite you to lie down and journey with our curated evocative music set. We are there with you for the entire journey. We then bring participants back to the room and do some integration and grounding accompanied by light snacks (if you have allergies or special needs please reach out to us before the ceremony). We make sure everybody is doing well before you go home.

About your facilitators

Sebastian is a computer hacker gone therapist. In 2014 he became a licensed psychologist in Chile and in 2018 he graduated with an MA in Integral Counseling Psychology from CIIS. He currently has an eco-psychology based therapy practice in San Francisco at the Holos Institute. He works from a transpersonal framework and specializes in working with adults, healing trauma, overcoming anxiety, working through life transitions and psychedelic integration. He has been training as a cannabis guide with Daniel McQueen since 2017.

Javiera is an e-commerce manager, yoga instructor and cannabis guide. She first came to Yoga to help cope with fibromyalgia and learn to befriend her body, becoming a Yoga Instructor in 2015. Her love for the healing power of cannabis brought her to the Ganja Yoga community. In 2018 she trained with Dee Dussault and is currently leading San Francisco Ganja Yoga community, creating her own blend of slow vinyasa flow, relaxing vibes, grounded spirituality and a touch of latino spice. Javi has been training as a cannabis guide with Daniel McQueen since 2017.

Javi and Seba both have been trained by Daniel McQueen and Medicinal Mindfulness as psychedelic sitters, cannabis guides and community breathwork facilitators. They currently offer monthly Conscious Cannabis Circles in San Francisco as well as private guided sessions for healing, growth, transformation and creative exploration. In 2018 the founded the Bay Area Conscious Cannabis network to share this work and connect with both facilitators as well as participants interested in exploring the healing potential of psychedelic cannabis.