about this event

This is THE workshop and event to start your new year off with explosive energy and power.

Join us on the beach in beautiful Santa Barbara for a complete RESET and recalibration of your mind, body, and spirit.

This event will feature:

A powerful breathwork session by master breathwork coach Brock Cannon helping you to eliminate fears, anxieties, unworthiness, and self-doubt and prepare you to step into your true power in preparation for 2021 immediately.

A guided group meditation designed to lead you into powerful visualization and crystal clear intentions for the upcoming year.

A healing sound bath led by expert sound practitioner and energy worker Shannon Bronson helping you to you unblock stuck energies and welcome in the unstoppable force within you.

Intention circle with other attendees to verbally declare your 2021 intentions and support from the collective to help you put them into action.

Connection with other conscious humans.

Stunning beach and ocean views to nourish your soul.

Unique nature foraged departure gift.

Light refreshments.

An experience that you will never forget!