“Connecting with your Higher Self” Online Class

about this event

Imagine having the power to go deep within to access your own higher intelligence and divine guidance!

Your Higher Self is also known as your “true self”, “higher mind”, or “higher consciousness”. It is the bridge between your soul and your human self. Your Higher Self holds the wisdom of every lifetime you’ve ever lived, the lessons you’ve come here to learn, and your purpose in this life.

You are always connected to your Higher Self, as your Higher Self is YOU at a higher dimension. However there are many ways to intentionally cultivate a deeper connection, resulting in benefits like:

  • The ability to channel profound insights that bring clarity, inspiration, healing, and growth
  • Increased intuition, self-awareness, and trust in yourself (and less seeking outside of yourself for answers)
  • Enhanced ability to navigate life’s challenges by accessing empowering inner guidance

What can you expect out of this class?

A practical introduction to the basics of connecting with your Higher Self, including techniques that make it easier to drop in, focus, and move beyond fear and doubt.

You’ll also experience a specially curated guided meditation and automatic writing exercise in a safe practice space.

***This introductory class will be followed by a 5-week course for those interested in a deep dive! Course details will be posted soon 🙂

If you want to cultivate a stronger connection to your true self — to your soul’s divine love, intelligence, and guidance, this class is for you!

*This event will be recorded if you can’t attend live. All who register will be sent the recording!