Community Reiki

about this event

Gather in community (virtually) for Reiki healing & connection. A Reiki Circle is gathering of people around the intention of giving and receiving Reiki. It fosters a space of healing that benefits everyone present, and anyone the group brings forward to send love and prayers towards. 

In this circle, we will come together with the intention of returning home to a balanced and harmonious state of mind, body and spirit. Expect to ground down through gentle breath work and subtle movement, to then land in stillness for a guided visualization practice to balance your body’s ki, or energy, while receiving distance Reiki.

So get cozy; create a safe haven in your home where no one will disturb you; gather blankets, pillows, a mat and any other props to support you as you lie down to receive; light candles, incense or sage and set the tone for deep relaxation.