Communication in Motion

about this event

We invite you into an experience of deep listening, trust and play.

I believe remembering and perhaps re-learning how to play is an essential quality for a happy life. As I’ve grown, I’ve come to understand how deeply central relationship is to life. It is in fact the very foundation of our consciousness. We are constantly in relationship to everything in our reality. So how we communicate in those relationships is equally essential. Dance is one version of play that allows us as grown (and growing) humans to not only enjoy this early experience, but it also offers us the opportunity to evolve and expand our capacity within interpersonal relationships. 

This playshop is intended as a space to uplevel your attunement and sensitivity through the medium of organic, lightly structured partner dance, while also giving you tools and vocabulary for generating intimacy and play as mature, feeling, sensual and vibrantly alive humans being. 


A continually evolving holistic, embodiment practice, Cocréa seamlessly weaves the connected fluidity of blues fusion dance with: 

• the organic expression of authentic movement

• concepts from contact improvisation

• skills and practices from navigating deep interpersonal relationships – romantic, platonic, polyamorous and otherwise

• deconstructing gender rolls 

• exploration of the resolution and non-resolution of conflict through the lens of theater

• and a contemplative approach to life.

Themes and skills we’ll explore in this workshop:

• Simplicity and clarity of invitation

• Presence and honoring of what’s happening Now

• Suzuki physical theater for honing presence

• Proper dipping technique that evokes surrender and trust

• Elasticity and tensegrity that feed coherence

Whether you’re completely new to partner dance, have been dancing fusion for awhile, or have a completely different embodiment practice, this workshop is an opportunity to support you in taking your dance experience to a new level! 

Cocréa = Collaborative, Organic Communication, Revolutionizing Embodied Awareness.

What is being offered: Cocréa is as much a path of personal development as it is a training ground to become a better dancer. 

Building on the foundational elements of social partner dance technique as our common language, Wren LaFeet’s playful guidance teaches how to wield creative expression with consideration to another body and practice nuanced responsiveness to one another in improvisational, co-created dance. Cocréa is a gateway to accessing the body’s wisdom to deepening Self and relational attunement. Our intention is to explore form and play creatively from our heart, body and spirit, in full support and appreciation of ourselves and one another.


11AM – 4PM: Workshop in Collaborative, Organic Connection

6:30-7:00 Warm-Up

7:00-7:20 Cacao and Intention Setting

7:20-9:00 Cocréa CommuniYum Dance

9:00-9:30 Integration Circle

Evening Dance will be a closed container!

Please arrive by 7pm to participate.


Due to the private nature of our location, directions will be given upon registration.


This workshop is open to movers at a beginning level of partner dance experience and above.


Cocréa believes in providing low income access to those in need. Please only choose one the lower priced or free options if paying the full price would constitute a financial burden. Thank you!


All are welcome. Wearing masks is absolutely welcome but not required.

If you’re not feeling well, even a little, please don’t come! Please be in the mindset of care and do your best to be mindful of who you interact with leading up to this event. 


Comfortable clothes to move in. Two pairs of socks. A water bottle. A snack/lunch to stay nourished. 


A dancer in the Fusion social partner dance movement since it began in the early 2000s, Wren’s dancing helps define Fusion as an emergent dance form based in the spontaneous co-creation of new aesthetics. Fueled by his curiosity in spirituality, sexuality, global community, the natural world, relationships, and guided by his devotion to love and the idea of the Beloved, partner dance has served as the vehicle for his inquiry and understanding. 

He has inspired the formation of multiple fusion dance communities on the west coast of North America, and teaches partner dance internationally as a practice for mindful, authentic living, enlivening communities with his signature modality, Cocréa. His facilitation encourages individuals to create themselves as safer spaces for the embodiment of the full range of human expression. Promoting dance as medicine– a spiritual salve for our modern ailments of disconnection and alienation– his practice insists we trust our bodies with the music and our partner to catalyze elevating our whole being into higher vibrational states.


• BA in Drama and Dance, University of Washington

• 10 years experience offering movement and embodiment facilitation professionally

• Graduate of Embody More Love program, Do Good Things With Power, Zahava Griss

• Certified Attunement Therapy practitioner, Tristan Bray• Awake at Work Facilitator Training Graduate, Anakha Comen

• Certified Danyasa Inspired Yoga Instructor, Sofiah Thom

• Author in the published work, “Reinhabiting the Village”

• TEDxBend speaker, “Pioneering the New Renaissance through Movement”

• Featured Presenter: Abundant Leadership Retreats, Embodiment Conference, Body Intelligence Summit, Conscious Dancer Podcast, Beloved Festival (4 years), Oregon Country Fair (5 years)