Color Matching and Painting Workshop

about this event

Color-Mixing isn’t just a fad. It’s the foundation of the painting process. Learning more about this unique skill can give you the freedom to blend any color you would like to use in your paintings.

Wednesday, August 18, 7:00-8:30 pm, Join us for Life in Color: Color-Mixing and Painting Workshop at Art Therapy Place in Bushwick!

Artist M Sawyer Balance will lead us through an in-depth look at color mixing in this workshop. During his time as an advertisement painter, he learned precise color mixing to paint 80-foot photorealistic murals and became fascinated with color, its intricacies, and its influence on the human mind.

If you want, bring a photo of your own if you would like to match a color or recreate an image. Art supplies and paint included!

After our lesson, we can make our own paintings out of the colors we mixed and share our artwork.