Collective Breathwork + Tea Party

about this event

Join Lydia and Radiah for a playful evening of self exploration and expanded consciousness around our relationship with alcohol.

Lydia will lead us through a powerful session of mind- and heart-expanding Breathwork, giving us access to the unconscious beliefs we hold around imbibing. By breathing in a collective rhythm to guided prompts and a curated music playlist, we’ll enter a space of calm well-being. There we can connect with our intuition and begin to change emotional default settings.

Now that we’re all feeling deeply energized and more clear on our personal purpose, let’s enjoy an assortment of restorative teas and nibbles in community as we explore creative and healthy options to “unwind.”

Don’t miss this inspirational, connected, judgement-free event. All genders warmly welcomed.

Investment: $20

Return: 45-minute breathwork session, generous teas and snacks, and energy exchange with kindred spirits. Bring a friend or come alone. We got you.

What to Bring: A yoga mat, a journal, and a pen.

Lydia McDowell, Breathwork Practitioner & Yoga Instructor

“The breath knows how to go deeper than the mind.” – Wim Hof

Lydia helps people navigate stuck energy and feel better with breathing techniques we all have access to anytime.


Radiah Gaines, Olida

Radiah is passionate about connection, self-actualization, and the under tapped power of community, so she throws parties to foster stability, personal growth, and collaboration.

IG: @olidapdx