Code of the Witch Craft

about this event

The Ancient Ways Will Be Covered And Our Language Taught As Well As These Things:

1. Emotional Body Blessing

2 . Red Tent Song

3 . Cone Of Power Chant

4 . Divine Feminine Blessing Way Chant

5 . Calling Down Moon Power Chant

6 . Perfect Love , Perfect Trust

7 . Thirteen Wietches Circle Dance

8 . Triple Goddess Renewal Chant

9 . Astral Chant 

10 . Drum Origin

11 . To Charge Magick Wand

In Addition You Shall Be Given The Key To Build Morgan La Fey’s Black Astral Mirror

These Are The Ways Of What We Call:

The Wietchcrreayafth

About your teacher:

Shawn Blackwolf is a teacher / practitioner and codemaster of ancient tradition and the old magic , as well the code underlying what we call reality.

He has been working with the Craft and Code for over twenty six years and is writing a book on the old ways and the otherworld reality.

Please contact me if interested in attending class at:

1-707-813-4247 ( text )

Or :

And We Shall Arrange Payment In Advance